Manufacture Of Structural Clay Products Companies in Malaysia

There are many structural clay products companies in Malaysia that manufacture a variety of products such as bricks, tiles, and pipes. These companies use a variety of raw materials such as clay, sand, and water to create their products. The manufacturing process for each company may vary slightly, but generally, the steps are similar.

First, the raw materials are mixed together in a large mixer. The proportions of each ingredient vary depending on the type of product being made. For example, bricks typically contain a higher proportion of clay than tiles.

Next, the mixture is placed into a mold. The mold determines the shape of the final product. For example, a mold for a brick would be different than a mold for a tile.

After the mold is filled, it is placed into a kiln. The kiln heats the clay mixture to a high temperature, which causes it to harden. The length of time that the product spends in the kiln varies depending on the type of product being made.

Once the product is removed from the kiln, it is cooled and then packaged for shipment. Structural clay products are used in a variety of applications, such as construction, landscaping, and drainage.