To Carry On Business As Private Employment Agency To Recruit And Place Workers To Another Employer Companies in Malaysia

A private employment agency is a company that recruits and places workers with another employer. In Malaysia, private employment agencies are regulated by the Private Employment Agencies Act (PEAA) of 1981.

Under the PEAA, private employment agencies are required to be licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources. They are also required to maintain a register of workers they have placed, and to provide information about the workers to the Ministry upon request.

Private employment agencies are prohibited from charging workers any fees for their services. They are also prohibited from placing workers in jobs that are not suitable for them, or in jobs that are dangerous or unhealthy.

If you are considering using a private employment agency to find a job in Malaysia, you should first check that the agency is licensed and registered with the Ministry of Human Resources. You should also ask the agency for information about the workers they have placed, and about the jobs they have available.