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202101006057 (1406356-T)

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Computer Exchange 2 Datacenter, 7118, Jalan Impact
Selangor, 63000

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Malaysia's Largest Cloud VPS Hosting Provider. VPS Malaysia is a team of young, experienced, high-performing individuals that all work together as one great web hosting company. The main goal of the team is to be able to produce web hosting products and services at paramount quality.

Having been around in the industry for more than 10 years, our team has acquired as much as, if not more than, the necessary experience in web hosting. From the most basic to the most complex problems, we are able to work on just about any of your web hosting needs. We have witnessed the rise of technology over the course of the years, giving us more understanding in the world of web hosting and other related fields. With our young minds, we are able to figure out how things work in this modern world of web hosting at present time. Our team is equipped with a mindset of a 21st century web hosting company. We are the expert.


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