Manufacture Of Wood Charcoal Companies in Malaysia

Wood charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of oxygen. The wood is heated to a high temperature, typically around 700 degrees Celsius, which causes the wood to release gases and vapors. These gases and vapors are then condensed into a solid form, known as charcoal.

Wood charcoal is used for a variety of purposes, including as a fuel, as a source of charcoal for grilling, and as a material for making activated carbon.

There are a number of companies in Malaysia that manufacture wood charcoal. These companies typically use wood from sustainable sources, such as sawdust from sawmills or wood waste from furniture factories. The wood is first shredded into small pieces, and then it is placed in a kiln and heated to the desired temperature.

Once the wood has been heated, the gases and vapors are condensed into charcoal. The charcoal is then cooled and packaged for sale.

Wood charcoal is an important product for many industries in Malaysia. It is used as a fuel for a variety of applications, including in barbecues and in the production of cement. It is also used as a material for making activated carbon, which is used in water filtration systems.